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Privacy Policy

Taxi Central Ltd takes very seriously its responsibility of looking after any personal data submitted via this website.  Please read this policy and contact us at admin@taxicentral.co.uk if you have any questions regarding its contents. 

External links
Third party sites are not covered by our policies; Taxi Central Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for these sites. 

Information we collect
We collect the information you supply when using this website.  This may be your email address, telephone number or other details submitted via forms/logins on this website.  A cookie may be saved on your computer or your IP address logged in order for our web server to recall your information.  We may also collect CLI information (calling line identification) in order to help ascertain your locality.  By calling Taxi Central Ltd you consent to us collecting this information. 

Use of information
If required by law, we may disclose this information for legal purposes.  This information may be used for a reasonable period of time to contact you regarding our services as may our affiliated companies or third parties.  Such information may also be disclosed in describing our site and services to prospective alliance members, advisors and other third parties for the purpose of improving customer satisfaction.  You can choose for your information not to be used in this way by notifying us at admin@taxicentral.co.uk however this may restrict some uses of the site. 

Changes to information
You may change your personal information by contacting us at admin@taxicentral.co.uk If you believe your security (such as a password) has been compromised you should notify us immediately at admin@taxicentral.co.uk   You also have the right to a copy of your personal information held by us. 

Acceptance of these terms
By using this site, or any of Taxi Central Ltd products or services, you consent to the collection and use of the information we collect about you as described above. 

Taxi Central Ltd shall not be held liable for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages relating to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and without prior notice.  These changes will be posted on this website.  The purpose of this privacy policy is only intended as information for our users and clients.